Hit and Run Cases: What to do

One is never prepared for a hit and run case, leave alone plan for it when going out on the road. This is the reason why most victims have a nightmarish experience in a hit and run cases. Although guilty drivers are nabbed by the police in the majority of these accidents, the time after the accident proves to be a hell for the victims. They are badly injured and need medical care and treatment in hospital for a long time. In some cases, victims suffer from a permanent disability which forces them out of work and subsequent loss of income. 

Do not forget these steps
If you become a victim of a hit and run accident, you need to take some necessary steps to make sure that the driver responsible for the accident is finally identified and produced in a court of law. Of course, you can take these steps only if you are conscious and not carrying a grievous injury. The biggest help you can provide to the police when you call them up at the scene of an accident is the description of the make, model, color, and the number of the vehicle that caused the accident. Catching hold of a pen and paper is not possible at such a time but you can certainly reach out for your Smartphone to click pictures of the fleeing driver in his car.  

Witnesses play a crucial role in proving your innocence and the guilt of the driver in a court of law. If you are fortunate to have a few witnesses, do take their names and phone numbers so that your attorney can use their testimonies in the court. Your attorney makes use of witnesses and the evidence collected from the site of accident to get as much monetary compensation as possible for you. 

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